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vendredi 15 juillet 2011

petit bazaar* loves rue Madame



rue Madamebrings the latest brands of clothing and accessories exclusively from Paris to Hong Kong. Housing multiple French designer brands, rue Madame is the perfect one-stop shopping arena for trendsetting women looking to create an unique and stylishly look effortlessly. Along with their unique selection, Rue Madame’s priority is to provide an excellent service to their clientele, helping them to find the right balance between their own personalities and the latest styles from Paris.


From Fri, 15/July ~ Mon, 15/Aug


Buy any non on sale item at petit bazaar*, you will receive  -10% discount coupon to shop at rue Madame during the period of the promotion, vice versa if you shop at rue Madame for any non on sale item, you will receive -10% discount coupon to use at petit bazaar*, it is really simple as that!


*promotion is not applicable on petit bazaar* furniture collection

* coupon cannot be used together with other petit bazaar* discount scheme


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