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lundi 27 juin 2011

Baby Bloom meet up @ petit bazaar*


Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could count on someone to solve all your problems? well, maybe not all your problems, but perhaps some of the following:


Maternity Care & Education when you are expecting

Preparing For Your Little One when the baby arrives

Greenproofing to ensure you give your loved ones the healthies environment

providing Domestic & Childcare Service when you really need that extra help

Setting In advice when you are new in town

advising on Educational Service & Schooling for your kids

Concierge Services

Come and meet Baby Bloom, Asia's premier baby planner, and receive an individual consultation with Sarah Sanesi the founder of Baby Bloom. Sign up and get a chance to WIN the service of your choice for free!!! (a value of HKD$ 3,500)

When: Tue, 28/June

Time: 15h00 group discussion

followed by individual consultation with Sarah Sanesi of Baby Bloom

@ petit bazaar* wanchai - 80 Queen's Road East 852.2528.0229


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