petit bazaar

mercredi 8 juin 2011

Baby Gift

Your friend just gave birth and you want to buy something stylish that represent your personality and taste. Here are some of our gift box suggestions!


Inside this gift box: Numae Onesies, Sebra crochet, Bubbles & Cream gift pack


Inside this gift box: Zef everyday onesises (exclusively @ pb* gough street), Jellycat soft toy, Barnabe booties


Inside this gift box: Troizenfants one piece dress, Numae onesies, Easy Peasy EZPY booties, Barnabe bib, Ah Quel Plaisir doll


Inside this gift box: Le Toit De La Lune onesies, Ketiket bib, Easy Peasy EZPY booties, Nanana handkerchief


Inside this gift box: Bobo Choses onesies, Bla Bla crochet, Barnabe bootie


Inside this gift box: Numae onesies set, Easy Peasy EZPY shoes, Nanana Handkerchief


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