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jeudi 27 mai 2010

Mimilou's wall stickers and decorative objects

If you don't know yet this beautiful french brand, no other choice than come and discover her magic world in petit bazaar!

Inspired by the innocence of children, Mimi'Lou creates a poetic and enchanting world for your walls and rooms.


The decals are easy to apply, adhere to a wide range of surfaces, and can be removed without trace.

The collection includes a range of Japanese lampshades, cushions and bags for children.

The wall stickers with their delicate tracing,The rabbit with his little mushroom staring at me from his cute cushion, the perfect roundness of the japanese lampshade are just too much!

No way to resist!

















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    hello narguess !
    je n'ai que des echos positifs sur ta boutique !!
    hate de venir. j'espere que tt continue de se passer comme tu le desires, je recupere tous tes maillots/fichus reetiquettes ce soir. je peux venir lundi matin ?
    je t'embrasse, anne

    Posté par annefromhk, vendredi 28 mai 2010 à 10:59

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